Photo of the Heller family with Kelsey, Andrew, Joel, and Owen.

Welcome to our garden!

Hi! We are the Heller family and we're so glad you're here. Here's just a little bit about us, why we started the garden, and what we hope you experience when you visit us and our flowers.

Our Story

We started our journey in 2021 after experiencing the tragic loss of our son, Lewis, during a miscarriage at 20 weeks. When we came home, we embraced our boys (Joel and Owen) and in turn we embraced the garden. We could never have known how healing it would be to fill our empty arms with flowers. The garden gave us the opportunity to nurture when we needed it most. During those summer months, sharing the abundance of the first crop of flowers brought so much joy.

Our garden grows local, seasonal flowers for the Manassas community, as well as local floral designers.  We have a passion for small, locally grown flowers and desire to bring their joy and beauty to those around us.

We dream of developing a space for those grieving to be able to come and experience joy and growth in the garden.

We have currently set up a partnership with a local ministry, A Mom's Peace, that helps families during perinatal loss by providing flowers for services.

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